Custom Monogram Stash Ring with Secret Compartment

Custom Monogram Stash Ring with Secret Compartment

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Processing Time

(  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) please allow 3 weeks for delivery as each piece is 3d printed to order (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ring Details

  • Add a custom monogram or three digit number to this secret compartment ring

  • Secret compartment box slides out, wearing it on your finger locks it into place

  • Perfect for any stash of tiny treasures

  • The width of the box is about 2 cm but might vary slightly based on the size you choose. This measurement is based on size US 7.

  • Solid design adds a satisfying weight to the finger and makes for the perfect future heirloom or sentimental gift

  • Available in silver and brass combinations

  • Comes in all sizes, but please note that production of larger sizes might result in an additional fee after checkout.

A true statement ring, this secret compartment monogram stash ring is almost guaranteed to start a conversation and become your most cherished talismanic treasure. Designed to mimic the texture of moon rock, this ring mixes elements of classic signets, witchcraft, and rave culture to conceal your valuable resources on the go. Note that the seal of the compartment is not water tight. <3 Available in sizes US 5 - US 12.


It’s only natural that metals like silver and brass tarnish, showing signs of wear with exposure to the elements and vibrations of daily life. @yung_crowley suggests that you embrace the sense of history and mystique you’re imbuing into your talisman. But if shiny bling is more your thing, try a Hagerty jewelry polishing cloth ;) The alchemy of brass and bronze mixing with our skin can cause slight discoloration, but this is a temporary effect that will lessen in frequency over time.

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