lunar crosshairs chain ring
88 USD

a delicate and highly stackable 3d printed cast metal ring, featuring a faux chain band and a celestial orb hovering between lunar rings. <3 available in any size - if yours isn’t listed or you’d like a custom version, just message me ;)

send me a message on tictail chat or include it in the order notes to let me know your desired size. 

::: care :::

it’s only natural that metals like brass and bronze tarnish, showing signs of wear with exposure to the elements and vibrations of daily life. @yung_crowley suggests that you embrace the sense of history and mystique you’re imbuing into your talisman. but if shiny bling is more your thing, try a hagerty jewelry polishing cloth ;) the alchemy of brass and bronze mixing with our skin can cause slight discoloration, but this is a temporary effect that will lessen in frequency over time.