binah ear cuff

binah ear cuff

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(  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) please allow 3 weeks for delivery as each piece is 3d printed to order (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Binah Ear Cuff is the physical embodiment of @yung_crowley's spell for experiencing heightened empathy and understanding the subtext of every message you receive in the pursuit of seeing the unseen and comprehending your Universe wholistically. Empathy and understanding of others strengthens empathy and understanding of self, so start making in roads with the Binah Ear Cuff. 

The Binah Ear Cuff, comfortably worn around the base of the ear, is studded with two orb stoppers to prevent sliding and is effortlessly balanced by the presence of two crystal charms. Its physical appearance is derived from @yung_crowley’s sigil for the spell: “The wearer will experience increased empathy and understand the subtext of every message they receive”. This talisman is sold as a single. 

A maker's mark is visible behind the second crystal when this piece is summoned from Shapeways in polished metal. 


It’s only natural that metals like brass and bronze tarnish, showing signs of wear with exposure to the elements and vibrations of daily life. @yung_crowley suggests that you embrace the sense of history and mystique you’re imbuing into your talisman. But if shiny bling is more your thing, try a Hagerty jewelry polishing cloth ;)

The alchemy of brass and bronze mixing with our skin can cause slight discoloration, but this is a temporary effect that will lessen in frequency over time.   

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